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TallyShop is a market-place exclusively designed for TDL developers to host and provide solutions to Tally customers in the form of add-ons. Add-ons are software plug-ins that can be effortlessly integrated with Tally.ERP 9 for customized business-specific invoices, dashboards, report management and much more. These add-ons are easily accessed by customers on TallyShop and purchased by them based on their business requirement. TallyShop eliminates the need to promote your add-ons separately and acts as a single platform to showcase and sell to customers.

Benefits of hosting on TallyShop:

  1. Wider Reach: Find greater demand for your add-ons, with a customer base of close to 10 lakh.
  2. Easy Access: Command excellent visibility and reach the right target market via TallyShop, which is easily accessible through the product, as well as the website.
  3. Revenues: Reach a wider audience to increase sales volume; so, selling in 1000s will require little effort.
  4. Subscription Model: provides continuous earning opportunities.
  5. First Come First Serve: Enjoy monopoly on the created solutions and add-ons, since the publishing policy is based on first come first serve basis. So, if a solution is provided to a problem/need, then nobody else can address that problem/need.
  6. Marketing and Promotions: Utilize the promotion activities conducted by the company as a part of TallyShop initiative.
  7. Support: Receive necessary tools, support, periodic insights and analytics on market needs, trends and solution to extract the most out of hosting on TallyShop.


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